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 Elizabeth Trainer

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Elizabeth Trainer


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PostSubject: Elizabeth Trainer   Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:35 pm

Name:Elizabeth Trainer
Age:13 (Third year)
Blood Statues:Muggle-born

Appearance: Elizabeth is a thirteen year old girl with blonde hair and deep green eyes. She is a little under 5 ft. tall and has a very petite build. She wears muggle clothing whenever she can for that is what she grew up with.

Personality:Elizabeth is a very friendly girl with a kind heart, which is probably the reason why she was sorted into Hufflepuff. She is very loyal to those close to her. Though she is quiet most of the time, she isn't too afraid to speak her mind when necessary, even if it is in a very timid way. She usually takes the words of others to heart, so she gets hurt very easily. Most of the time, Elizabeth can't sit still. She is very clumsy.

Backstory:Born to a muggle family, Elizabeth never knew of the magical world as a child. Back then she was very quiet. Almost never spoke a word. By the time she was ten, little strange occupancies happened. When she got angry, glass shattered. Doors automatically opened and shut without her touching them. Her parents became frightened until the day she received her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts when all their questions were answered.
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Elizabeth Trainer
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