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 Time Passes Not Wasted. (Open)

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Elizabeth Trainer


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PostSubject: Time Passes Not Wasted. (Open)   Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:18 am

Elizabeth clung to the side of the tower, her whole body hanging forward. It was dark out, and she couldn't see the ground. But knowing the height of the tower, she knew she didn't want to accidentally fall off the tower. When this thought came, she wondered what it would be like to free fall all the way down. Though she knew that she could do it, using the right spell she could slow her self down before hitting the ground, she wasn't sure she could do it in time.
"I rather not take the chance." She muttered before walking towards the middle of the tower and sitting down. It was a beautiful night out. The sky was clear so that she could see the stars and moon very clearly. The top of the Astronomy Tower was one of her favorite places. It was so quiet and most of the time calm.
Yawning, she laid down onto the ground. Elizabeth could spend hours up here. Time passed quickly, though she wished she didn't. It was just a place she could get away from the magical world and in her own.

Elizabeth Trainer
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Time Passes Not Wasted. (Open)
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