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Lucan Avery 161-16

Name: Lucan Avery
Gender: Male
Age: 17 years
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Belongs to a family that is one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, which means his blood is 100% pure

Appearance: Dark brown ear-length hair, eye colour somewhere between brown and black. About 188 cm tall (Google said it's 6'2''), quite muscular for a teenager. Usually dresses up either in Hogwarts' uniform or in formal attire.

Personality: Overall, Lucan is more of an introvert than extrovert, not because he is unsociable but because he only bothers to communicate to those who can prove worthy or at least useful. He listens to people more than he speaks himself, gathering information about others and not letting them to find out too much about himself.
Being an organized, methodical and patient person, he only very rarely fails to achieve his goals. Also due to Lucan's patience it is rather difficult to irritate him, and even if one does succeed in annoying him Lucan tends to hide it. His calm temperament allows him to think well before doing or saying something, therefore his actions don't turn against him.
He can be ironic or sarcastic at times but only in a subtle way, never openly insulting somebody. Nonetheless, he does not avoid conflict situations as, being an ally of mostly hot-tempered blood-purists, he gets to hold his friends' backs in some arguments.
As Lucan only trusts his wits and not his emotions, he doesn't think or care about other people's or his own feelings. He finds it difficult to confide in someone who isn't himself, which leaves him no other choice but to deal with most of his problems alone.
Lucan is not interested in leading or controlling other people, and he doesn't mind being in somebody else's shadow as long as that dominant somebody seems right-minded to him.

Backstory: Born in a respectable family of purest blood, during the years of First Wizarding War, with a Death Eater for a father, Lucan was taught to take pride in his blood status and believe Muggles and Muggle-borns are just filth since his early childhood. When the Dark Lord fell, Aurors came to his parents' manor to arrest his father and Lucan's mother got killed in a combat that followed. After a trial which acquitted Avery Sr, the boy found out the details on his mother's demise and it inflicted hatred towards the Aurors on him. Lucan grew knowing that his father chose to be a traitor and did not go looking for his master only so he could take care of his five-year-old son, which made the boy love his father even more. He firmly decided to become a Death Eater when the Dark Lord returns, so he could prove faithful and atone the treason his Father has done for his sake.
Once at Hogwarts, Lucan was sorted to Slytherin and soon started taking in every peace of information on Dark Arts he could find, determined to make Father proud and to avenge his mother's death one day.

Additional notes: This character is a property of Martyr
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Lucan Avery
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