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 Returning.. home? [open]

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Lily Luna Prewett

Lily Luna Prewett

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Returning.. home? [open] Empty
PostSubject: Returning.. home? [open]   Returning.. home? [open] I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 10, 2013 6:56 am

It had been what felt like a very long time she'd been stuck in the office collecting all the information of the students both old and new and finding out all about the transfers. It still felt weird to her every time she came across the file of someone that she had shared classes and corridors with just last year, and there were still a few files she could not bring herself to open. She wished things hadn't been left the way they had when she graduated, but there was nothing that could be done about it now.

It was time. Time to return to the place she once called home. Time for Lily to make what would become her 'annual' trip to the castle to collect the student list that would inform the ministry of any incidents including exclusions and suspensions of students. She wasn't sure she would be able to stand the sight of the place after the drama of her last year but she couldn't really avoid it. Taking a deep breath, she pushed her way through the doors of the old castle, barely even taking a moment to glance round. She had to focus on the task at hand and hopefully she would be able to avoid the students who would remember her best, and who she would much rather forget.

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Returning.. home? [open] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Returning.. home? [open]   Returning.. home? [open] I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 10, 2013 2:05 pm

Cypress was for once out of school uniform. It wasn't like she made a point to only wear the required school clothing, but it still was what her day to day wardrobe was. However, as she made her way through the castle in the entrance hall, her appearance for the night was different then usual;Cypress was wearing a considerably smaller skirt then the daily school one, black, a slightly lighter black blouse, no cloak or robes. Her dark hair was pushed to the side in waves, the light strands hidden.

She took her time in her walk, arms hanging loose at sides as Cypress made her way to the Hall area. Just barely ahead of her walking was a red-headed girl. She wasn't wearing any school clothes, but her outfit didn't seem like one a student would wear. She did seen to have a slightly older way about her. Not arrogant--older. But still...She can't have been that old. Hurrying a bit in her pace, Cypress glimpsed the side of the gitl's face. She looked just like her age, hardly older. She frowned. Wouldn't she have noticed this girl before? She did seem familiar, but no one came to mind. Cypress tilted her head in thought, following the girl in right behind her. A job? The moment she thought it Cypress knew it must be right--or partially. A teaching position for the following year? It had to be something along the lines of that. Then again, Cypress could be completely wrong, but it didn't seem very likely.
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Returning.. home? [open]
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