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 Study Hall [open]

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Jason Jetson

Jason Jetson

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Study Hall [open] Empty
PostSubject: Study Hall [open]   Study Hall [open] I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 21, 2013 3:32 am

Jet sat in the deserted Muggle Studies classroom, surrounded by complicated charts and graphs explaining the most simple of muggle items. On the wall to his right was a break down of propulsion and engineering on a pogo stick. On the blackboard at the front of the room was a serious of questions that must've been part of a quiz or that night's homework:

Question 1: Who invented the automobile and how has it revolutionized muggle travel?

Question 2: List three muggle inventions that have been created to overcome their lack of magic and which spells they would correspond to in our world.

Question 3: Name one famous muggle who has been mistaken for a witch or wizard and why.

Essay Question: What, in your opinion, is the most useful muggle invention to date and why? Please incorporate ways in which said invention may be adapted and used in the wizarding world.

But Jason wasn't concerned with the complex and sometimes backward information around him, he came here to get some quiet and study. Almost no one came to this room when class wasn't being held. It didn't have much appeal to most students. The Great Hall was always noisy and inevitably in the dorms one of his roommates would crash in and convince him to play quidditch instead... again...

For once though, Jet wanted to get work done. He'd slacked off the last couple years, that was for sure, and Flitwick had very gently reminded him that this was his last year at Hogwarts. If he wanted to get a good job, if he really wanted to be a professor somewhere, he would have to concentrate and get his act together.

The tutoring at Mungos and for the younger kids in Charms here had helped bolster his resume a little, but he needed more. He needed to ace his classes and nail the NEWTS if he was going to make it after graduation.

7th year Hufflepuff
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Study Hall [open]
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