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 Adelina Kruspe

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Adelina Kruspe


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PostSubject: Adelina Kruspe   Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:36 pm

Name: Adelina Kruspe
Gender: Female
Age: Sixteen
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure Blood

Appearance: Adelina comes from a rich German decent which attributes to her appearance. Her hair is a bright and silky blonde. Her eyes were the color of a light blue. She had the looks of the ideal Aryan; if her family were Muggles, then this would be the case. Adelina stood a whole five feet and three inches and weighed in at one hundred and twenty two pounds. She was skinny but she was growing into her young woman figure, slowly, but surely; her bust and hips were filling in like any normal young lady. Adelina’s skin tone was very fair, the color of a soft, sandy beach.

Personality: Being that it was her first year at Hogwarts, Adeline was shy and cautious around others at first. The only way someone was to find out much about her was to talk to her. Adelina came from a family of pure blood; she shared her family’s beliefs in not mixing bloods. She had stayed away from Muggles for a good amount of her life, since she lived far from any Muggle villages in Germany. This gave her more of a prejudice against anyone who was Muggle born, simply because she lacked in any understanding of them. Her school, which was an all witch school, was not like Hogwarts; it was females only and it only accepted pure bloods. Adelina was a proud witch, yet she was quite shy around the males when she first came to Hogwarts. She had never been to a school with boys her age before. The only males she ever came close to were the males in her family, to include her father, or male teachers at her last school. Being in a school with males her age was different, but she found it to be exciting at the same time.

Despite Adelina being shy around boys; she had no problem feeling pride for her country and for being a pure blood witch. The Kruspe lineage was noble and quite rich. Her father had many connections over in Germany. In fact, it was thanks to these connections that got Adelina over to England to begin her time in Hogwarts. Even though she was sorted in Slytherin, Adelina was not the sort to find troubles with other houses. She thought it was below her to go out of her way to do such things, but if anyone in any house ever insulted her family or country, they would find their selves in a bad place on her list. To her own housemates, she was quite friendly when spoken to. However, whenever someone who was only half blood or even Mudblood; she would refrain from paying them any mind. Of course, if they pressed to converse with her, she would correct them by letting them know she was not interested in their prattle.

Backstory: Adelina came from a long line of magical folk back since the days of Merlin. After quite a few big wars, the Kruspe family settled in Germany. Far from any Muggle community was an estate that was passed down Kruspe to Kruspe, as were the fortunes. Of course, the family had well connections with other families to keep their title and fortune in Germany; this kept them living comfortably from generation to generation. Adelina had a personal tutor before she got her acceptance letter into Warfswärche; the all girl magical school in Germany. The boys in Germany were sent to another school. The magical community in Germany believed in separating the two genders, so the students were able to concentrate on their studies, and not about getting dates when they were older. It proved to work quite well as there were no distraction for either sexes.

Before the first fall of Lord Voldemort, Richard and Renee Kruspe was ready to pack up their things for a trip to England to meet and follow him. At this time Adelina was just turning six years old. She was going to stay here with her Aunt until she was old enough to join herself, committing herself to the cause. However, the week before they had the planned their trip, the fall of the Dark Lord had occurred. They were devastated. They truly thought that this was the man who was going to lead them to a salvation where they could stop hiding and start living. They wanted so badly to put the Muggles in their places, as slaves to the magical folk. After the news had happened, they went back to their lives, raising their only child and passing on the legend of the Dark Lord. As she grew up, she learned all about where he came from; to include school, his house, and his past. She was a little unsure since she knew of his blood lineage, but if her parents were rooting for him, then so was she.

Adelina grew into quite the smart witch. She took all of her studies very seriously; she was going to be a very powerful witch one day. She knew the only way this was possible was by working hard in learning whatever she possibly could. The requirements for Warfswärche were quite different than Hogwarts; they did not have any Muggle studies classes and they leaned more towards the dark arts. Of course, they had the usual; potions, charms, transfigurations, and classes like that. The divination class was also a little more serious than at Hogwarts; the teacher was a very credible woman and never got any of her predictions incorrect. Other than that, the Potions and all were the same. Lucky for Adelina, all the spells were spoken the same in both England and Germany.

She had to learn English as she grew up. This started when she was a little baby; her parents were quite fluent in German and English. Adelina learned to speak most English; she still had trouble with bigger words or any slang terms. It was not until her family got an owl from her Great Aunt, who was a Seer that lived in North Germany, stating that it was very important that Adelina went to Hogwarts this year. Adelina was under the impression that she was attending so she can learn the things that were taught to the Dark Lord; the truth, however, was her Aunt saw this next year something incredible was going to happen at Hogwarts. The chamber of secrets was going to be opened by the heir of Slytherin, and she was going to be there when it happened. Her parents kept that piece of information to their selves, thinking that it would be in Adelina’s best interest to not know.

Upon arriving to Hogwarts, Adelina had quite a few strange glances whilst on the train; she was an unfamiliar face and was obviously older than eleven years old. This was when Harry Potter was rumored to be going to the school, the year before she would find out about the heir. She had heard that the Potter boy was here, and she heard much about him. She steered clear and observed him from afar, just to see if he looked even all that powerful. He looked like a puny wee thing to Adelina. Regardless, she went on her own way into the school and made her home in Slytherin as a sixth year girl. She excels most in Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts, but does poorly in Muggle Studies and History of Magic. Her wand is twelve point five inch rowan wood with dragon heart string as the core. Her patronus is a wolf.

Weil der Meister uns gesandt, verkünden wir den Untergang, der Reiter der Boshaftigkeit, füttert sein Geschwür aus Neid.

Slytherin - Sixth Year - Pure Blood
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Adelina Kruspe
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