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 Hebe Borgin

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PostSubject: Hebe Borgin   Hebe Borgin I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 2:47 pm

Name: Hebe Borgin
Gender: Female
Age: Sixteen
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pureblood


She is about 5'7'' and fairly thin, with a heart-shaped face and deep-set, dark brown eyes. She has shoulder-lenght, wavy jet-black hair which, except during Potion classes, is otherwise kept in a naturally debonair state. She usually addresses people with a smile, wears school robes most of the time and scoffs at the sight of exaggerated makeup.


She takes pride in her lineage, and while she may appear uninvolved, and even shallow on occasions, she is actually a cool observer. She values ambition, wit, and sense of humour. Cheerful, yet not boisterous, she enjoys good company and finds it queer to be deliberately unpleasant to anyone in particular for no logical reason. Given her way, she resorts to sarcasm or irony.


Daughter to Ravisius Borgin and a Sicilian witch of reputable ancestry, at the age of nine and after her mother’s mysterious death, she moved to live with her father in London. Having been partially brought up by Borgin and Burke's shop keeper, she was hardly expected to grow up loving of the sane and customary sides of life, as it were.
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Hebe Borgin
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