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 Late night snack [open]

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Basil Blishwick


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PostSubject: Re: Late night snack [open]   Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:13 am

Basil looked over at the other Slytherin one last time before getting up from the table and moving over to her own house's table. Basil yawns sitting down. She looks down at the necklace again which had accompanied her other two that were around her neck. How strange the three looked together. They weren't related in anyway that she could think of. Basil looks up and around the hall. She yawns again and crosses her arms, laying her head down.

OOC: Bye.

Basil Blishwick
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Trixie Black


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PostSubject: Re: Late night snack [open]   Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:15 am

Trixie swept into the Hall, sparing a glance at the Ravenclaw who appeared to be sleeping before continuing on her way to the Slytherin table. She briefly considered hexing the Claw, she'd been needing a target to practice her latest spell on, but decided against it in favour of eating. Rolling her eyes inwardly at her grumbling stomach, she took a seat and surveyed the array of food, occasionally shooting the Claw a glance. So tempting...Maybe when she was done with her meal.

Her mind wandered back to her first night upon returning. Luckily 'Goyle', she couldn't remember his first name, had been out raiding the kitchens for a midnight snack, she could imagine just how frequent his nightly visits were by his size, and had been more than willing to let her in when he returned to the Common Room. Nonetheless she'd obtained the password from him so she wouldn't have to go through that scare again. With a slight yawn she served some chicken for herself and began to eat.

ooc Glacier sounds like a potential friend :)

Pureblood - Slytherin - 6th Year

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Late night snack [open]
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